The Citrus are Turning!


The citrus are turning!  A very exciting time here in Austin if you are a citrus tree owner and have waited basically all year to gather up your lemons, oranges and tangerines.   The Meyer Lemons in particular look like yellow saucers that can be seen from far away now that they are turning where as before you had to look hard to see the big fat fruit on the trees.  The Meyer Lemons are my favorite in particular as they are so large and so incredibly sweet on the inside.    The oranges and tangerines which have begun to turn orange signaling they are rip for the picking will not disappoint.   The tangerines have a big thick easy to peel rind that makes it nice and easy to peel and enjoy.  If you are a lime tree owner you do not quite understand the waiting game many of us play with the other citrus.  The thornless Mexican Limes produce fruit basically all year long, or so it seems. A great option if you are a little more impatient when it comes to waiting for your fruit to ripen also if you like a little lime in your beer, water, tea or cocktail.  Meyer lemons are probably the most popular outside of the limes as they are fairly easy to grow and care for and are a favorite with the chefs in town, they really do taste different.  They are very sweet and many like to eat them like an orange.  Whatever your preference, I encourage you to try a fruit grown off your or someone else’s tree in comparison to what you can purchase at your local grocery store.  To say there is a difference is putting it mildly.  The citrus trees do need protection here in Austin in the winter-  they can be brought inside or laid down and covered in order to protect the roots as well as the plant itself from freezing temperatures.

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