Texas Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel Bloom

Mountain Laurel

The Texas Mountain Laurel, Sophora secundiflora, is an excellent evergreen choice in your landscape.  They are drought tolerant once established and bloom beautiful fragrant purple grape like clusters of flowers in the spring.  They can be planted in full sun and tolerate partial shade as well.   They are popular as not much is required for Texas Mountain Laurel care.  Keep in mind, if it gets too much shade, it will be a little sparser and not bloom as much.  This is a plant the deer tend to ignore which makes them popular as well.  They can be an excellent choice for screening as they are evergreen.   The Mountain Laurels are multi-trunked and make excellent specimen accent pieces in most any landscape or garden.

Mountain Laurel Bloom

You can see these growing naturally throughout Central Texas.  They are easily identifiable with their dark green glossy leaf.  Another reason they are popular in the Austin area/ Hill Country area is they don’t require much care and can tolerate the poor soil conditions most people have in Austin and the surrounding area.  Here are Vivero Growers Nursery, we have several sizes of the Texas Mountain Laurel for sale.

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