Succulents, Aloes and Echeveria oh my!



Succulents, Aloes and Echeveria are great options for low maintenance gardening.  They are popular choices for container gardening as they are easy to move inside to protect from the cold or throw a cover over to protect them in the chilly weather.  You can integrate them into your landscape as well just keep in mind they will need to be protected on the frosty nights.

Mix Succulent Container

 Succulents, Echeveria and Aloes make great exciting colorful additions to your yard, patio and landscape.  The cooler weather really brings out the color in them as well as the blooms.  They provide lots of interest with their varying colors, shapes and textures.   You can mix and match to make fun exciting color combinations as well as let one stand on it’s own to show off. There is a wide variety you will find- some grow up, some spill over, others fill making it easy to do the 3 layers in your container- fill, thrill and spill.

Aloe Bloom

 In fact, if some Aloes do not get a little cold snap, they will not bloom.  They are fun to mix and match and experiment with; most can be adapted to the full on hot Texas sun we see here in Austin, just will need a little bit more water if that is the case or just give them some shade- half day is ideal.  They do tend to want to stay on the drier side so make sure wherever you plant them to ensure they get proper drainage.

AloeHMost all of the Echeveria, Succulent and Aloes bloom which is for most people the most exciting and rewarding part of having them, (aside from the multitude of “babies” most have).  Some send up shoots/spikes of clusters of blooms, some a small delicate flower and others have blooms on the stalks.  The cooler temperatures also tend to give the plants a little boost as well, some turning remarkably different colors, others brighten up exhausting colors.  Play around with them and let the fun begin!!

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