Spring has Sprung at Vivero Growers Nursery


Hummingbird and Coral Bean

Spring has Sprung here at the nursery.  Birds, bees and butterflies are everywhere.  It is wonderful.  The hummingbirds can’t decide what to visit first and the butterflies are making their way all around the nursery.  Lantana is a popular plant with the butterflies right now which is not really surprising.

Lantana Butterfly

Lantana and Butterfly

They like the large flat bloom, it makes a wonderful resting spot!   I have tried to make note if there is a particular color the butterflies are gravitating towards but they seem to share their affections for all the flowers and blooms.  Everything is so bright and colorful right now it just wonderful.

Hummingbird Moth

Hummingbird Moth

Austin weather is never normal nor is it predictable and it has been a wet spring lately and just incredible weather resulting in a bloom-fest!

Echeveria succulent


The succulents are not to be missed either.  They are showing off and changing colors, blooming and are simply stunning.  The hummingbirds have been visiting the Aloe blooms as well as they make their rounds to the Salvia and the Coral Bean topping the popular vote it would seem while the Tecoma (Esperanza), Plumbago and Lantana seem to be the most popular with the butterflies the last few days.  It has been so much fun walking around the nursery and watching all the activity.    Hope to see you soon- bring your camera!

Vivero Growers Nursery

Vivero Growers Nursery

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