Plant Plumbago!

Plumbago, Vivero Growers Nursery Austin TX

Plumbago is an excellent choice if you are looking to add bursts of color to your garden.  A wonderful traditional standby for most any garden or landscape here in Austin, Texas, the Plumbago is an excellent choice adding interest and movement to any setting or scenario.   Whether you need a nice pop of color in a part sun area or if you need something for the blazing hot Texas sun, this is a classic addition to any setting.   Available in both blue or white, Plumbago is a perfect choice for someone wanting to add vibrant blooms to their landscape with it’s show stopping colorful flowers.   If you are planting to attract pollinators, this is another favorite of both butterflies and bees alike.   The blooms appear dainty and fragile but in fact are quite resilient and are constantly cycling through offering a constant array of blooms.

Plumbago and Butterfly


It can easily be trimmed and kept shaped or left alone grows to be approximately four feet by four feet.  It also does wonderful in containers or spilling over a retaining wall.  Often paired with Tecoma aka Esperanza- another Texas favorite, Firecracker Fern, Butterfly Weed and Lantana, Plumbago is a wonderful perennial choice to pop in just about anywhere for color spring through fall.   It responds well to shearing and will reward you with a constant array of blooms and does not require a lot of care nor special attention making it a favorite of many.


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