Peruvian Cereus- Full of Blooms and Fruit!

Peruvian Cereus

Here at the nursery, the Peruvian Cereus are loaded with blooms and fruit right now!  They are also called Night Blooming Cactus as they bloom at night.  If you don’t get up early, you might miss the blooms so grab that cup of coffee and spend the morning on the patio and enjoy those blooms!   They are such neat additions to anyone’s garden and are drought tolerant.  Here in Austin, I would keep them in a container and protect from the cold.  You can take them inside if that is easier, lay them over on their side and make sure and cover the entire plant (pot included) or depending on your home, put it in the garage if it gets home heat in there.  The above photo shows one that is loaded with blooms- after the blooms are done, leave them alone and a fruit will form as the photo below shows.

Peruvian Cereus fruit

The fruit on these resemble kiwi, they have lots of little black seeds inside and you don’t want to eat the rind.  I typically cut them in half and eat them with a spoon.  Customers have reported eating them with vanilla ice cream.  Will have to try that one out.


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