Japanese Maple ‘Tamukeyama’

Japanese Maple 'Tamukeyama'

The Japanese Maple ‘Tamukeyama’ is my personal favorite of all the Japanese Maples.  It is a thread-leaf Maple that holds up well with our Texas heat and humidity.  (Thread-leaf as it has finer more slender finger like divisions /lobes of the leaf).  It is almost weeping like in its form which makes it stand out as a beautiful accent or specimen in your garden.  The ‘Emperor One’ is another great choice for your garden or landscape if you prefer the larger more upright Maple.  This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a special and somewhat unique specimen to accent your shaded garden.  The Plum Yew look beautiful planted underneath the Maples contrasting beautifully with the dark green foliage of the yews with the red brilliant leaves of the Maples.  In general, here in Texas, the Japanese Maples are going to want either filtered sun or early morning sun.

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