Plant Flame Acanthus to Attract Hummingbirds!!

Flame Acanthus

Flame Acanthus, Anisacanthus,  is one of many plants that will attract hummingbirds in your garden.  They have two things going for them in this respect- the tubular blooms and the red color.  The Flame Acanthus is a Texas native, is drought tolerant and does well in our Texas heat, (which is definitely a plus).  You might have heard it called Hummingbird Bush, another name it is commonly referred to.   The Flame Acanthus will make a beautiful little shrub/bush that will have nice green slender leaves spring thru fall and will bloom the beautiful red upright blooms in the late summer thru fall.  It is a perennial and will die down in the winter and you will see it pop back up in the spring.  The hummingbirds will find this plant almost immediately, don’t worry.  The great thing about the Flame Acanthus, is that it can take full hot Texas sun- the more the merrier for this plant.   It can take some shade as most things can,  but would prefer full sun.  There are several plants you can use when planting to attract hummingbirds- you will find that the butterflies and bees will also follow.   Mix up colors, textures and heights of a variety of plants to attain that perfect garden for you to sit back and enjoy the wildlife.

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