Echeveria – Great for Pots and or Drought Tolerant Beds


There are several varieties of Echeveria, all equally as “fun” to plant up in pots and or plant in your drought tolerant beds and landscape.  Most Echeveria require little water.  Check the varieties before you plant- some can take the full on Texas sun and most, if not all, would be perfectly happy with a half day sun situation.  Many people worry about the winter when it comes to planting Echeveria, Succulents and Ice Plants.  I personally love it when the cooler weather arrives as it almost seems to wake them up!  They turn a variety of colors showing off in the cooler temperatures.    The blooms, oh the blooms.  You are sure to be enamored with the blooms.   The one pictured above gets the bright red edges on its leaves and shoots up a little bloom from the center.  You do need to be careful with the type you have regarding the heat and sun as well as hard freezes but this shouldn’t deter you from planting them up in pots or in your landscape.  Make sure to use well drained soil and be mindful of the cold tolerance- either take it in, cover it or protect it.   Some varieties do better than others so make sure to ask and or research your particular plant so you know it’s limitations.

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