Plant Pride of Barbados

Thinking of what to plant in your garden this summer?  Plant Pride of Barbados!  Pride of Barbados is a showy, tough, heat loving plant that has bright orange and red blooms.  Right now in Austin, Texas you can see this plant in just about every neighborhood in the city as well as the areas outside of town.  This plant does not require a high grade soil which makes it popular with many as well as it is boasts bright spectacular blooms.  The Pride of Barbados, once established, does not need a lot of care other than the initial watering in Continue Reading

Palo Verde, ‘Desert Museum’

The Palo Verde, ‘Desert Museum’, have been getting a lot of attention lately here in Austin, Texas, and for good reason!  They are loaded with bright yellow blooms which are simply stunning and are quite visible from far away.  The Palo Verde, in Spanish means green stick.  The name green stick I would imagine is due to the fact that the bark is a bright green in color which in itself is quite unique.  The ‘Desert Museum’ is the most popular variety.  The Palo Verde are deciduous, drought tolerant, wonderful, fast growing trees that bloom an abundance of yellow flowers Continue Reading

Plant Esperanza in Your Garden!

Looking for ideas on what to plant in your garden?  Plant Esperanza in your garden!  It is a wonderful option for just about any sized garden or landscape.  It comes in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your needs and plans.  Esperanza, also commonly referred to as Yellow Bells, is a Tecoma and is popular due to its bright yellow blooms, hence the name Yellow Bells.  A smaller more dwarf variety, ‘Lydia’, has more muted yellow blooms and gets about 4 feet by 4 feet.  The ‘Bells of Fire’, which as it’s name suggests, has red blooms that Continue Reading