August Blooms at the Nursery

Plumbago, Vivero Growers Nursery Austin TX
Vivero Growers Nursery Austin TX

Vivero Growers Nursery

August in Austin, Texas this year has been anything but normal.   We all went from a typical summer in Austin, Texas which consists of dry hot days to getting more rain that anyone has seen in one short period in a long time.  If you live in Lakeway you got an excess of 15 inches of rain, if you live in the Hill Country, Wimberley, Dripping Springs area you, got about 11 inches, and central Austin, Westlake and Bee Cave got 8-10 inches.

Evergreen Wisteria Vivero Growers Nursery Austin TX

Evergreen Wisteria

Everything at the nursery has been growing like crazy!   The blooms are blooming and the butterflies are flying, the bees are buzzing and the hummingbirds are zipping around.  Things have been absolutely beautiful lately.  I wanted to share a few photos of things that as of late have been showing off.  The Evergreen Wisteria is one in particular that is looking great right now.  Please take note that even though it is called an Evergreen Wisteria, in some winters it drops its leaves and is not evergreen here in the Austin, Lakeway and Hill Country areas.

Plumbago, Vivero Growers Nursery Austin TX


The Plumbago are blooming!   A great accent plant for your garden.  The beautiful blue blooms are heavy bloomers and the Plumbago can take the Texas full sun.  We have one in a large container at the nursery and it is a constant source of beautiful blue blooms!

Moy Grande Hibiscus, Vivero Growers Nursery Austin TX

‘Moy Grande’ Hibiscus

The ‘Moy Grande’ Hibiscus and blooming away.   Listed as a Texas Superstar , these bright red large blooms are a beautiful addition to just about any landscape setting.   If you don’t have space in your garden, they look beautiful and perform well in containers.  The blooms are large and are a wonderful perennial option for a burst of red!

Yucca bloom, Vivero Growers Nursery Austin TX

Yucca bloom

The Yuccas are blooming!   Many people confuse yuccas and agave’s in regards to the blooms.  If your agave is blooming, it is at the end of it’s life cycle;  if your yucca is blooming- enjoy it!  Different varieties can bloom often while others may only bloom once a year.  The blooms are showy and can be a variety of colors depending on the yucca.

Butterfly Iris, Vivero Growers Nursery Austin Tx

Butterfly Iris

The Butterfly Iris are a wonderful staple to most any garden or landscape.  Typically evergreen and more upright habit than a Bi-Color Iris, the Butterfly Iris bloom spring through fall and as the name implies, are a favorite of butterflies.

Mystic Spires Salvia, Vivero Growers Nursery Austin TX

Mystic Spires Salvia

The Mystic Spires Salvia are a favorite of pollinators both butterflies and bees.  A wonderful perennial addition to your garden or landscape.  The Mystic Spires Salvia are similar to the Indigo Spires but do not get as large.  The beautiful blue spike blooms will bloom spring through fall and respond well to being cut back slightly after the blooms are spent.   Hope to see you soon!  Come visit us at Vivero Growers Nursery Austin Texas!

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